The stop-start technique as described and taught by Dr Helen Singer Kaplan 

This next sentence is extremely important:

According to Dr Helen Kaplan (the expert sex therapist): “the key to learning how to stop premature ejaculation is learning penile sensory awareness.”

… and therefore repeated:

According to Dr Helen Kaplan (the expert sex therapist): “the key to learning how to stop premature ejaculation is learning penile sensory awareness.”

The start-stop technique was first described by Dr James Semans, a urologist, in 1955. This was a real breakthrough in the treatment of premature ejaculation but when it was first described by Dr Semans it was pretty much ignored by sex therapists, doctors and the public.

Since 1955 sex therapists have learnt an enormous amount about sexual responses and sexual problems and the stop-start method has been refined and improved. The stop-start technique is now widely taught by sex therapists.


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A couple being taught the stop-start method are typically given instructions like this:

“when you go home tonight, give yourselves sometime just for yourselves. Arrange things to ensure that you won’t be interrupted. Don’t answer the telephone, turn off the TV and don’t let the children to the bedroom.then take your showers and go to bed without clothes on and with the lights turned low. 

Start kissing and caressing each other’s bodies as you normally would become aroused. As soon as you (to the man) have an erection, turn over on your back and close your eyes. 

I want you (to the women) to stimulate his penis rhythmically – up and down. You (to the man) guide her hand to show her how fast, how firm and deep you like the strokes. 

While she is stimulating your penis you must ignore her for the moment. Don’t worry if she is enjoying this or if her hand is getting tired. You must focus only on the sensations from your penis and pay strict attention to your rising excitement. This may seem selfish to you. But absolute concentration on your erotic sensations is critical for this learning process. Besides this is only temporary. You will give her her turn later. 

When you feel that you are near orgasm but before you get to the point of ejaculatory inevitability, ask her to stop. Then, when your arousal comes down to a controllable level, let her know that she should start stimulating you again. But don’t wait too long to ask her to start stimulating you again. Interrupt the penile stimulation just for a few seconds, maybe five to twenty seconds – not long enough for your erection to go down but just long enough for the excitement to wane a little. When your sense of excitement has come down to manageable levels, ask her to start stimulating your penis again, interrupt again for a few seconds when you feel that you are close to ejaculating and then ask her to resume. Stop and start for three times and allow yourself to come on the fourth time. Remember – don’t try to hold back – just try to focus on the pleasure. Control will come automatically after a while. 

If you continued stimulation too long and ejaculated before you wanted to, don’t worry, that is not a failure. That is merely a learning experience. Next time you will be able to judge better.”

The sex therapist then instructs the couple to repeat the exercise 2 to 3 times a week until they are fully comfortable with this method and confident that they have mastered control during manual stimulation.

The next step is to repeat the exercise using a lubricant.

When the couple have mastered control during manual stimulation with lubricant they proceed to the next step which is stop start with the woman on top position.

The third step is to repeat the intra-vaginal stop start exercises in the side to side position. In some cases particularly if progress is very rapid sex therapists will advise that the couple proceed straight to stop start intercourse in the male superior position and miss out the side to side position.

The fourth step is slowing down instead of stopping altogether. This entails slowing down the thrusting rather than stopping entirely.

This is a brief and shortened description and version of the stop start method as described by Kaplan and covered in great detail in E-Trainer.

Using these methods and techniques at home over 95% of premature ejaculators are able to achieve satisfactory ejaculatory control. This means having the ability to make the plateau stage last without having to stop or even slow down the point of interrupting the rhythm of thrusting and lovemaking. Imagine the possibilities.

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