A new study claims that there is no such thing as a vaginal, or clitoral orgasm. Oh, and apparently the G-spot is a myth, too.

The elusive G-spot does not exist, according to a new study.

So far, so typical. It seems we can’t go a few months without researchers offering a new opinion on the supposed holy grail of the female orgasm. One minute it exists, the next it doesn’t.

But, now it turns out, this isn’t the only think we might have to rethink.

According to researchers, the vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm don’t exist either.

This may come as a surprise to any woman who thought she had experienced an orgasm in this way.

But a report published in the journal of Clinical Anatomy explains that, actually, there’s only one type of orgasm a woman can have and that should just be known generally as the “female orgasm.” The authors of the study explain that we have interpreted the female anatomy incorrectly. They say that the “internal/inner clitoris does not exist: the entire clitoris is an external organ.”

They explain that a “vaginal orgasm”, which some women report experiencing from penetrative sex, is “always caused by the surrounding erectile organs” – dubbed the “female penis.”
The study aims to help women understand the certainties of the female orgasm and clarifies whether the terms we use in everyday life have any scientific basis.

Turns out, many – female ejaculation, premature ejaculation and G-spot amplification – just don’t. What’s more, the phrase ‘vaginal orgasm’ was found to have been invented by Sigmund Freud.

The authors also tackle the assumption that some women are physically incapable of orgasm, calling this a myth. They explain that all women can have the ‘female orgasm’ if effectively stimulated.

Co-author Dr Vincenzo Puppo added: “Male ejaculation does not automatically mean the end of sex for women; touching and kissing can be continued almost indefinitely, and noncoital sexual acts after male ejaculation can be used to produce orgasm in women.”

So there you have it. From now on, we should only refer to the ‘female orgasm’. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Read the full article here: Anatomy of sex

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