Definition of Premature Ejaculation


Short definition:

“Coming before you or your partner wish you to”.

A longer answer:

Various experts have attempted to provide definitions:

  • Masters and Johnson Definition:

Pioneering sex therapists Masters and Johnson suggested that “a man has a diagnosis of premature ejaculation if he comes before his sexual partner does more than 50 percent of the time”. 

The problem with this definition is that around 70 percent of perfectly normal women are unable to orgasm during vaginal intercourse regardless of how long it lasts. I.e. only 30 percent of  women achieve orgasm during vaginal intercourse.

  • Helen Singer Kaplan Definition:

“The essential feature of premature ejaculation is that the man lacks adequate voluntary ejaculatory control with the result that he climaxes involuntarily before he wishes to”.

Dr Kaplan emphasised that the key to this definition is “climaxes involuntarily before he wishes to”. She stated that: “the diagnosis of premature ejaculation should not depend on how fast a man ejaculates, nor on how his partner responds, but on the QUALITY of his ejaculatory control which should be NATURAL, EASY and VOLUNTARY.”

  • International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) definition:

In November 2007 the ISSM met and in 2008 published a definition of PE.

The committee unanimously agreed that the constructs that are necessary to define PE are rapidity of ejaculation, perceived self-efficacy and control, and negative personal consequences from PE. The committee proposed that lifelong PE be defined as:  “.. a male sexual dysfunction characterized by ejaculation which always or nearly always occurs prior to or within about one minute of vaginal penetration, and the inability to delay ejaculation on all or nearly all vaginal penetrations, and negative personal consequences, such as distress, bother, frustration and/or the avoidance of sexual intimacy.” This definition is limited to men with lifelong PE who engage in vaginal intercourse. The panel concluded that there are insufficient published objective data to propose an evidence-based definition of acquired PE.

  • Definition by time

Most would agree that ejaculation after less than 1 minute of vaginal intercourse counts as premature ejaculation. Similarly coming after less than 2 minutes would also be considered by most as PE. Although some couples may be happy with 2 minutes of vaginal intercourse, especially if it is preceded by prolonged foreplay. The women may be happy if they have an orgasm during foreplay.

Dr Kaplan wrote that “Ejaculating quickly is not a problem for all men neither is it an issue for all partners.”

  • What is  “normal”?

Normal time to ejaculation has been studied and researchers have made conflicting discoveries about intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT), which is defined as the time between the start of vaginal intromission and the start of intravaginal ejaculation. In a multinational study, the authors studied 491 men in the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, US and UK. The men were in stable heterosexual relationships. Over a four-week period, couples recorded IELT data using a stopwatch and noted condom use. Median IELT was independent of condom use. Median IELT decreased with age (18-30: 6.5 minutes, 31-50: 5.4 minutes, 51+: 4.3 minutes). Median IELT for all participants was 5.4 minutes. Median IELT varied significantly by individual with 14% of men under 3:20 and 26% of men over 10:00. Potential problems include total sample size, small sample size per country, too few observations for each participant, and psychological effects of using a stopwatch.

  • What is “ideal”?

This will vary from couple to couple. I would dare to suggest 20-30 minutes. Clearly some couples will prefer to have sex for longer.

  • What is “achievable”?

With treatment it is possible to delay ejaculation as long as you wish. Imagine the benefits!

After very extensive research on the internet and reading all books and publications (I have read a huge amount) on methods to treat premature ejaculation, the best long term side-effect free way of treating premature ejaculation is to be found in the publication EjaculationTrainer by Matt Gordon. It is possible to last as long as you wish. The Ejaculation Trainer can enable you to achieve this.

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